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As a result, all further small-caliber research studies with the American equivalent were abandoned in favor of a bullet of own design (that was yet to be developed).

First, R&D was focused on selecting the most ballistically efficient shape and construction for the future bullet.

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They were also asked for the new cartridge to have increased penetration and lethality.

This in turn would call for increase in bullet mass and cartridge power factor.

It was much more resilient than tombac alloy used in the American bullet.

Tombac was deemed too soft and too prone to excessive fragmentation.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take on wide-spread recognition until well into the second half of the century.

We speak, of course, of the works of Vladimir Grigoryevich Fedorov.This is Part 1 on a two-part article on the 5.45x39mm cartridge.Both articles contain information virtually unknown in the West.Experimental barrels were also made to replicate twist rate that of an American AR-15.High instability of 5.6mm bullets (compared to native 7.62×39 round) was noted.It was based on 7.62×39 case necked-down to accept the American-type 5.6 caliber bullets.

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