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Unfortunately, your equipment doesn`t cope with your wishes.Anyway, your way to the big world of qualitative and bright photos lies through a shop to which you come for the real, serious, and professional camera.The depth of amount of in-focus distance in your photo should be reduced enough so that the subject is sharp and the background is blurred.

They are simpler in management and quality of pictures isn`t worse.

Moreover, the matrix which is responsible for quality of photos very often can be the same as in the amateur and semi-professional camera.

Don`t be upset if you do not find this function in your camera, you can always use post production photo editing service.

Therefore I would like to add a new type of cameras for the beginning photographers – SCS, namely COMPACT SYSTEM CAMERA.

If we start saying about replaceable optics, let`s talk about them.

Both in reflex cameras and in the SCSs the quality of future picture at least for 50% depends on the applied lens.

Perhaps, you had an experience of shooting on a P&S camera (Point and Shoot Camera) or even you have an Instagram account with one hundred followers where you upload the pictures taken on the smartphone.

But at one time or another, you want the bigger: to start making creative photos, to earn money by wedding photographing, or just to receive pictures of high quality.

Here comes the glory of cameras because of their qualitative images.

But at the same time here the roots of one mass delusion are hidden: the mirror in the reflex camera doesn`t influence quality of the image in any way, it is necessary only for the optical finder scope operation.

Moreover, an established lens defines approach or distance of the image on the camera.

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