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( But they immediately excommunicated some critics including the mother and brother of the Executive Minister, Eduardo Manalo. ( The crisis is not yet over as the critics try to create a movement “to return the church to its old splendor when it first began with Felix Manalo.” (See Nehemiah Ecclesiastes, Official videos, Facebook, 8/10/2015). The professor of Philippine Studies was asked about what he thought about the INC controversy. In “Public rift puts 101-year-old Philippines sect under spotlight,” he highlighted the need for transparency.

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The Boeing Business Jet 737 is said to have been purchased 4 years ago at an estimated price of about P3.6 billion ($80 million), the sources told us. Added to this is abduction of ministers who were critical of the administration. These are public issues, he said.( Earlier, posted a Podcast titled “Saan patungo ang Iglesia ni Cristo? The Director of Development Studies Program of Ateneo in “INC, Philippine Arena, and religious worldling” was theorizing that with the mammoth Philippine Arena, the INC has achieved some sophistication.

Yearly maintenance costs of these types of aircraft, according to those in the know, easily amount to from P3 million to P4 million. Worldling Worldling Dot Org says the term “worlding” cannot be found in any dictionary, even though the term has been in use for nearly a century. Eli Soriano, Presiding Minister to the Members Church of God International (MCGI). Only fanatics insist it is trial, and that corruption is being revealed only now.

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Eli Soriano, Cambrian Period, Case Unclosed, Conrado De Quiros, critical thinking, Daniel Razon, Daniel Veridiano, David Michael San Juan, Department of Justice, Eduardo Manalo, Eli Soriano, envelopmental journalism, ethics in journalism, Farley de Castro, GMA Network, human rights, iglesia-ni-cristo, Jayeel Cornelio, Jejomar Binay, Joven Sepillo Sr., Joy Yuson, Leila De Lima, Lito Fruto, Luisito Amansec, Manuel Eduarte, Marites Vitug, Members Church of God International, MTRCB, National Bureau of Investigation, Nehemiah Ecclesiastes, Oscar Landicho, patterns, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, Roel Rosal, sex crimes, Socia media, The Daily Tribune, transnational crime, United Catholic Asia News, wayward media By Jane Abao Manila, Philippines (August 15, 2015) – What did experts think about the dissent within the Iglesia ni Cristo? Rappler reports- The Airbus that [Eduardo] Manalo and his ministers are using is aside from a Boeing Business Jet 737 that had been described as “the best-selling jet airliner in the history of aviation.” Depending on the model, a passenger business jet can seat from 85 to 215 passengers, while a customized executive jet can have a bedroom and seats good for 20-30 passengers, sources familiar with aircraft told Rappler. San Juan said some issues that church members raised are valid and that includes the allegation about certain ministers trying to extort money from politicians, and the allegation that church funds for being used for some leaders’ luxury. Jayeel Cornelio a Sociologist of Religion is said to point to some INC growth at another level: “religious worldling.” Worldling is inherently negative, but as the column of Cornelio proposes the concept of “religious worldling” to explain what is happening with the INC, he lauds the group in terms of sophistication in the positive sense.

The original material was written one year before this public clash between the Manalo brothers with the Sanggunian on the side of Eduardo Manalo, the incumbent executive minister. The column of this Sociologist of Religion is pathetically dead and deaf to events that have recently unfolded and still are. He had disregarded the fact that the INC members question the purpose of the mammoth building and even as basic as its maintenance. The second review of this Jayeel Serrano Cornelio talks of “restorationist ethos” of the INC but still suggests a patronizing attitude.

With all the news coming out from many quarters, one would wonder if Cornelio is a PR man for the INC.

If they have but the ones told to investigate are themselves the accused, will justice be seen by the brethren who are looking for truth?

I am sad that what is often heard from the Spokesman of the Iglesia regarding critics is that they are only defaming without showing any evidence.

Sepillo Sr is excommunicated for allegedly fighting the Administration and circulating false information with the objective of troubling the church. said he had decided to come out in public to clear out his name against this charge. an INC minister for 29 years but excommunicated by the Sanggunian together with his family, was bidding goodbye to his calling as minister for what he considered to be irreconcilable to his principles. The following are excerpts from his post [translated from Tagalog] centered on many questions similar to those being voiced out by other excommunicated INC ministers – If only I left in an orderly way, it would not reach this far, they said.

Is what is orderly, bidding goodbye without mentioning any shenanigans and not calling the Administration to counter these?

Cornelio has barely scratched the surface and his basic fault is the color of his tone.

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