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“It doesn’t get any better than that.” , which opened up its West Palm Beach headquarters in 1998.

Famously reclusive homocon horcrux Matt Drudge made a rare public appearance at last night’s GOP debate accompanied by Ann Coulter.

” Or, some even believe (and more shockingly, admit publicly that they believe) that people are gay to undermine the nuclear family.

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The Twitterverse reacted by mocking Drudge’s scraggly beard.

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter thinks that the US should adopt an immigration policy similar to the popular dating app Tinder.

Donald Trump, whom Coulter supports, has proposed an immigration policy that includes constructing a wall to halt the flow of illegal immigration from Mexico.

Coulter said on Tuesday that she would take a more individualized approach.

He’s covered many stories (both true and fabricated) that otherwise wouldn’t have seen public attention. He’s obsessed with being known — starting non-gay rumors about himself, pestering big papers to get coverage — but wants absolutely nothing “out” about his personal life.

I have also defended him many a time to people who would have had him censored. Certainly not the kind of details he’d splash across his page, anyway.

That is either one of the gayest things I’ve ever heard or one of the craziest.

So, Drudge will forgive anti-gay tendencies in candidates if they’re pro-life? I could almost see things from this point of view: If you’re pro-life, you believe that life begins at conception, and that abortion is therefore murder. And then there’s the openly gay former editor of the New Republic, Andrew Sullivan.

“I might have a picture,” she said, disappearing into a sitting room just off her palatial living room, which faces the Atlantic and has floor-to-ceiling picture windows. Bennett, the former adviser to Presidents Reagan and George H.

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