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Police say they found the girls’ bicycles and a bag they were carrying on a trail near Meyers Lake.

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I couldn’t find much other information, but it does make me wonder. Rosa died in San Jose, CA and is buried in Springerville, AZ, while James died in Prescott, AZ and is buried in Springerville, AZ. Did he leave her and she just claimed widowhood to save her dignity?

Did he disappear and was presumed dead, only to turn up alive and able to survive Rosa by 7 months?

from: Story/shot-dead-pa-girl-found-safe-ohio-16876865#. UBQYqr RSTNk ——————————————————————————————— using the number/letter grid: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Where: A = 1 J = 1 S = 1 B = 2 K = 2 T = 2 C = 3 L = 3 U = 3 D = 4 M = 4 V = 4 E = 5 N = 5 W = 5 F = 6 O = 6 X = 6 G = 7 P = 7 Y = 7 H = 8 Q = 8 Z = 8 I = 9 R = 9 Kevin Cleeves 25495 3355451 51 his path of destiny = 51 = Shot to death three people. —————————————————————————————– —————————————————————————————– —————————————————————————————– comprehensive summary and list of predictions for 2012: —————————————————————– —————————————————————– —————————————————————— discover some of your own numerology for FREE at: —————————————————————————————– —————————————————————————————– —————————————————————————————– learn numerology from numerologist to the world, Ed Peterson: https:// Posted in 48 (Eight of Cups), Lyric Cook, path of destiny / how you learn what you are here to learn (sum of all of the letters), tagged ABC News, AMBER Alert, Black Hawk County Iowa, Cook, Elizabeth Collins, Evansdale Iowa, Iowa, Meyers Lake Ohio on July 15, 2012| Leave a Comment » July 15, 2012 pm Police and hundreds of volunteers are dragging a lake and fanning out across the Evansdale, Iowa, area, searching for two Iowa girls who haven’t been seen for two days.

Elizabeth Collins, 8, and her cousin, Lyric Cook, 10, were last seen around midday Friday, riding their bicycles in downtown Evansdale, Iowa.

Together they had several children: Abigail – 1877-1878 Fred Tuttle – 1879-1944 Edward – 1880- Eliza Maude – 1882-1975 Herbert or James Burton – 1887-1980 Harrison E – 1890-1937 For some reason James was not in the photograph.

They lived in New Mexico in 18, so my guess is the photo was made in that locality.They are quite likely buried in the same cemetery, and that indicates the family knew all along where the two were in order to bring them back together in death, and it is interesting that he was not returned for burial in Nova Scotia with his mystery family.It is quite a lot of speculation and quite a story!Reed would not give other information about the deaths, including the names of the victims and their relationship to Cleeves, but said more details would be released later Saturday.Court records did not list an attorney for Cleeves.“We will keep searching until we are confident that they are not in that lake,” Captain Rick Abben, a chief deputy with the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, told ABC News affiliate KCRG.

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