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He proved himself more than adept at cracking wise, faking innocence, and displaying the sting of betrayal, not to mention laying hands on Rosie Perez at her finest.

Larry Flynt,' doing the near impossible – making Flynt a sympathetic human being – which earned him an Oscar nomination."I've never had a harder time leaving home, where it just felt like ripping my heart out.

"It's not like I feel a compulsion to work," he goes on, "because, honestly, I feel a compulsion to be the laziest bastard you ever met, and yet I can't..." He doesn't finish the sentence.

"I mean, I'm not addicted to it, but when I'm in a social situation, I tend to drink – it was St-Germain and vodka, goes down so easy – and the fact that I did it four nights in a row...well, maybe it was three, but anyway it was brutal." He thinks about that.

He's in New Orleans making a movie, sitting outside a fair-trade-type coffeehouse, happily sucking a blood-red, beet-based concoction called a Vampiro through a straw.

It is online easier to let off some information about yourself or to pretend to be someone else (Hardey, 2004).

The validity and the authenticity of the social media profile can only be confirmed if the users know each other offline (Donath, 2007).He's telling about his morning – woke up around eight, took a leak, brushed his teeth, practiced a little tai chi ("just to get the organs moving"), went on an hour-long bike ride (wearing a borrowed helmet that "smelled like old sweat"), met with some movie people, and ended up here, hanging out around a little metal table, 72 degrees in the sun, just about perfect.And I got a good night's sleep last night too," he says, stretching back."He likes to talk about himself as the 'happy hippie,' and I'd say most of the time, that's what he is," says Oren Moverman, who directed Harrelson in 'The Messenger,' a role that earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor in 2009, as well as in the recent 'Rampart,' as a dirty cop on one heck of a serious decline.And for much of today, Harrelson is indeed just that, the happy hippie, laid-back, grinning, a fun fellow to hang around with as he holds forth on his love of sports (favorites include but are not limited to tennis, basketball, ping-pong, soccer, kitesurfing, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, bocce, darts, and foosball – "I love foosball!De liefde zoek je tegenwoordig mobiel Mobiel daten heeft de toekomst, leert het succes van apps als Tinder ons. Gaat je telefoon straks piepen als de ware om de hoek staat?

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