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However, childcare costs must be notified as HMRC will not know who qualifies under the new rule.The HB/CTB rules have not been amended so additional tax credits will count as income, without any extra earnings disregard.One person in the couple may work at least 24 hours and they qualify.

These benefits will be payable if wages are low enough (eg, minimum wage on 16 to 19 hours a week), and especially if support for mortgage interest is included in the applicable amount.

However, it will still leave the couple much worse off than on WTC, and usually only £10 a week better off than not working at all.

However, the additional concession for carers was made at the last minute and is to be explained in a second letter.

In some cases, couples who are no longer entitled to WTC may find the non-working partner is able to claim income-based benefits, for which the rule is that the claimant’s partner must not be working 24 hours a week or more.

There is no protection for families who previously qualified under the old 16-hour rule, so entitlement to WTC was lost on 6 April 2012, with no four-week run-on.

This change does not affect child tax credit (CTC) and a couple with children will still be eligible for CTC, with the maximum amount only reduced for income over £15,860. The following couples with children still qualify where one is working at least 16 hours a week: For a couple without children who cannot qualify for WTC under another route, one must be aged 25 or over and working at least 30 hours a week.The definition of ‘incapacitated’ is as used in the tax credits rule that allows a couple to claim help with childcare where only one partner is working.2A person is ‘incapacitated’ where one of a long list of benefits is payable (see box).In cases where the childcare disregard is payable in HB/CTB, it is possible to qualify as incapacitated after 13 weeks rather than 28 weeks.There are no exceptions for any other circumstances, for example, if the nonworking partner is signing on and actively seeking work, or a full-time student, or over pension age.The government has suggested that claimants can increase their hours, but research by USDAW and Working Families found most would be unable to find sufficient extra hours in the current economic climate.3 HMRC figures show that 203,000 families may have lost WTC under the new rule, losing up to £3,870 a year.4The new rule has also proved difficult to implement, not least because HMRC does not know who meets the conditions for the exceptions, and does not appear as yet to be able to cross check with the DWP who is entitled to CA or a disability benefit.HMRC holds details of working hours as declared on the tax credit claim form, and wrote to couples working less than 24 hours, advising them that they would no longer be entitled to WTC.

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