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EMPNO ENAME DEPTNO DNAME LOC ---------- ---------- --------- -------------- ---- 7782 CLARK 10 ACCOUNTING NEW YORK 7839 KING 10 ACCOUNTING NEW YORK 7934 MILLER 10 ACCOUNTING NEW YORK 7369 SMITH 20 RESEARCH DALLAS 7876 ADAMS 20 RESEARCH DALLAS 7902 FORD 20 RESEARCH DALLAS 7788 SCOTT 20 RESEARCH DALLAS 7566 JONES 20 RESEARCH DALLAS 7499 ALLEN 30 SALES CHICAGO 7698 BLAKE 30 SALES CHICAGO 7654 MARTIN 30 SALES CHICAGO 7900 JAMES 30 SALES CHICAGO 7844 TURNER 30 SALES CHICAGO 7521 WARD 30 SALES CHICAGO OPERATIONS BOSTON 15 rows selected. In the case of views containing an outer join on other nested views, a table is key preserved if the view or views containing the table are merged into their outer views, all the way to the top.A view which is being outer-joined is currently merged only if it is "simple." For example: OWNER TABLE_NAME COLUMN_NAM UPD ---------- ---------- ---------- --- SCOTT EMP_DEPT_V EMPNO NO SCOTT EMP_DEPT_V ENAME NO SCOTT EMP_DEPT_V DEPTNO NO SCOTT EMP_DEPT_V DNAME NO SCOTT EMP_DEPT_V LOC NO 5 rows selected.

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To ensure that the alteration does not affect the view or other objects that depend on it, you can explicitly recompile a view after altering one of its base tables.

To use the are database objects from which multiple users can generate unique integers.

Views can provide a different representation (such as subsets or supersets) of the data that resides within other tables and views.

Views are very powerful because they allow you to tailor the presentation of data to different types of users.

The clause preallocates a set of sequence numbers and keeps them in memory so that sequence numbers can be accessed faster.

When the last of the sequence numbers in the cache has been used, the database reads another set of numbers into the cache. Base tables might in turn be actual tables or might be views themselves.All operations performed on a view actually affect the base table of the view.A new primary key value can be obtained by selecting the most recently produced value and incrementing it.This method requires a lock during the transaction and causes multiple users to wait for the next value of the primary key; this waiting is known as .When you try to create such a view, the database returns a message indicating the view was created with errors.

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