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After he leaves the room, she smiles and tells the rest of the team that the donations were three times what was needed.In Tough Man in the Tender Chicken, Angela asks him for money to help save a piglet.

He, Hodgins and Angela become closer through this season showing there is no awkwardness or angst between them.

He is the intern in The Memories in the Shallow Grave, The Crack in the Code and The Past in the Present.

When Wendell eventually finds out, he tells her that had she actually been pregnant, he would have supported her no matter what she chose regarding the baby because it would be his duty and that he would "do the right thing." Seeing that Wendell views the prospect of raising a family with her as a duty to be carried out on moral and ethical grounds rather than something he actually wants, Angela realizes that while Wendell is a great guy, he is not "[her] guy" and she subsequently ends their relationship. After the dissolution of the Jeffersonian's Washington, D. Since she opts not to return to Maluku after the case is solved, Wendell is able to regain his former position as an intern at the Jeffersonian.

However, this still does not provide enough income for him to repay his debts, so he continues to seek additional work.

In The Blackout in the Blizzard, Wendell is forced to work a time-sensitive case with no power during a blizzard.

In order to charge the victim's cell phone in hopes of finding out who she last called, Wendell creates a potato battery.

He is a little afraid of a pregnant Brennan but they still have a good working relationship, but he does begin to question whether Brennan did kill Ethan Sawyer.

Wendell is among the five interns Brennan selects to identify lost remains(The Patriot in Purgatory).

Saroyan to give him more hours at the Jeffersonian.

In the same episode, due to Wendell's insistence on being totally honest, Hodgins tells Wendell that while Wendell was dating Angela, he (Hodgins) once planned Wendell's murder in great detail.

Wendell spent 9/11 and the next few days with his aunt, and it's a very sensitive topic with him.

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