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At Tufts University, he worked at the Massachusetts Audubon Society and National Park Service while earning a master's degree in biology and environmental policy.

After graduation, Bonta landed what initially looked like a dream job on the conservation staff of a national wildlife organization, coordinating efforts to create state and regional conservation strategies and develop a diversity council.

Mike transferred from Montgomery College to UMD as a sophomore.

That further solidified when he married his college sweetheart, Micia, a Jamaican.

He majored in psychology, but a lifelong affinity for nature and wildlife led him to intern at the Sacramento Zoo.

This involves supporting project managers, having face-to-face conversations with clients, and helping keep all those involved with a project up to date.

He is currently helping with the renovation of CEE’s laboratories.

Mike Bonta is a Master’s of Engineering student at UMD. He also works on campus as the Project Coordinator in Design and Construction in the Facilities Management Department.

in civil and environmental engineering here in May 2015, having pursued the geotechnical and structural track.

"Working on biodiversity issues was my dream," says Bonta, "but working for a predominately white organization and homogeneous movement was stifling and distracting." He felt unable to reach his full potential -- a common feeling, he says, "for people of color working for mainstream environmental organizations." He left that job in 2004.

Three events led him to decide, in 2005, to create an organization specifically designed to address the environmental movement's lack of diversity.

His father was a petroleum engineer; his mother worked for an engineering company; one of his two older brothers who went to college in Peru is a mechanical engineer, and the other, a graduate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, is a construction manager.

Mike says that he always found it “fascinating” to watch structures evolve from nothing to a finished project like a skyscraper.

He and his two older brothers grew up speaking Spanish at home.

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