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Kung or the Ju/’hoansi (enunciated Ju/wasi), as they have named themselves, is a society made up of hunter-gatherers that reside in the northwest region of the Kalahari Desert.

The Dobe area encompasses a total of 8,000 square kilometers in Botswana and Namibia and consists of ten waterholes north and south of the Aha Hills. Kung population hovered around 460, with about 350 residents and 87 seasonal visitors.

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Kung marriages often begin on a rather fiery and wild note that often extends for weeks to months after the marriage itself. Kung marriage ritual often entails the “mock forcible carrying” of the girl from her parent’s hut to another hut that was specifically built for marriage.

Brides and grooms are also smeared with special oils and aromatic powders during the ceremony. Kung brides during the marriage ceremony is a part of the marriage ritual, it also exposes, in some instances, a real underlying conflict “between husband and wide and between parents and children”.

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These qualities include being a good hunter and not being known for as a fighter.

However, these qualities can only be ascertained through a close and thorough observation of the suitor for over an extended period of time.

On top of the apparent and universal taboo wherein !

Kungs are not allowed to marry their immediate family members (i.e.

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One of my clients – the largest diamond miner in the world – invited […] When it comes to subtle complexities in relationships, sex, love, dating or friendship, nowhere have I found a descriptive vocabulary so intricate as in Botswana.

In the event where one side does not continue this exchange, the engagement may be annulled and the search for another prospective candidate may commence.

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