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The show's first two seasons aired on The WB, and subsequent seasons were shown on VH1.

) who pitched the idea to them as a possible reality show concept and suggested the title “Surreal World” (after "Real World”).

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Arquette brings the transgender community increased visibility and awareness with her appearance in the series.

And, struggling with memory and enunciation problems that grow worse, Kitaen is inexplicably left crawling on the floor of a closet by the final episode.

The season also introduced "Dirty Laundry", the Surreal Life talk show hosted by Sally Jessy Raphael.

Raphael focused on Cannatella, made several unflattering remarks about her drinking problem, said she was acting like a "slut".

It ran its first season in 2005, concluding with the couple's engagement.

The second season debuted in the spring 2006, concluding with a wedding.

This season played up on the show's namesake surreality by having the house decorated with a circus/carnival theme and the cast was given circus-style taglines during the introduction.

This was enhanced with the introduction of a three-legged dog named Lucky.

Like the season prior, another romance-themed spin-off, My Fair Brady was developed around the romantic escapades of Curry and Knight.

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