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You will approach dating with curiosity, fascination, and a light heart, wanting only what is good for yourself and another person." On the spiritual path to love, it is best to have no expectations, no separate rules for men and women, and no yearning for the one true person who will make us happy.Kasl notes the importance of seeking a true equal and the necessity of befriending parts of ourselves that still need compassion and understanding.

Kasl provides a wonderful blend of Buddhist wisdom, practical suggestions, psychological research, and her own rich perspective of being a mother. [consider this] your bridge.” —Rowan Conrad, Ph D, Director, Open Way Mindfulness Center“If The Buddha Got Stuck brings perspective, inspiring stories, and useful exercises to feel less overwhelmed by life's difficulties.” —Lisa M.

Parents will find this book very helpful in their efforts in promoting healthy brain development.” —Daniel Ladinsky, author of Love Poems from God, A Year with Hafiz, and The Purity of Desire“This book brings the wisdom of the ages to bear to help parents inways that are extraordinarily inspiring and remarkably practical. Encouraging, practical, beautifully written.” —Laura Davis, author of I Thought We'd Never Speak Again and coauthor of The Courage to Heal“Charlotte Kasl's new book overflows with insight, humor and eminently practical suggestions.” —Anita Doyle, former Director of the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center, Missoula, MT“If previous attempts to work with your life from a Western philosophical or psychological perspective encountered gaps .

She approaches the dating process as a means for awakening, reminding us that when we live by spiritual rules, we bring curiosity and a light heart to the romantic journey.

Filled with quotations from Zen, Sufi, and other wisdom traditions, and informed by the experiences of people from all walks of life, here is a relationship book that will appeal to readers looking for more than a Venus-meets-Mars solution to the complex affairs of the heart.

The suggestions, exercises, and anecdotes in the book are designed as spurs to self-knowledge and meaningful relationships with others.

Or as Kasl puts it: "As you follow this path, you will find compassion and acceptance replace fear, negative judgment, and worry.

She started Meet Mindful to provide a place for singles into personal development, mindfulness, social change, meditation, yoga and green living to meet like-minded people and discover how to have the best relationship possible.

Amy truly believes that romantic relationships are the quickest path to our awakening as human beings.

You discover compassion for your child and compassion for yourself.” —Marti Erikson, Ph D, coauthor of Last Child in the Woods Praise for If the Buddha Got Stuck“If the Buddha Got Stuck provides a roadmap to freedom and greater possibilities.

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