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The fourth round of the AMA Supercross series at AT&T Park in San Francisco took on a new tone the day before the race.That was when we found out 2009 champion James Stewart was out with a broken hand.

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If you want swtiched power (on only when the car is on), there is a switched power connection in the wiring harness in the rear view mirror housing. I may get a right angle USB adapter to enable better wire routing. ) I set the A119 motion detection on and it records almost 100% of the time when the car is moving and turn to standby mode when parked and records when detect motion. The installation itself does not void the warranty, and only the broke item would not be covered.

@Beam Me: Blackvue also allows you to do that using their app.

In the Facebook post, Isanti County Sheriff Chris Caulk says, "if the deputy swerved, he would have rolled and been injured or worse.

Staying in a straight line kept the injuries to a minimum when the air bags deployed."According to Caulk, the deputy was traveling around 114 mph with his lights and sirens on when he struck the deer.

Icon's plan for its new for fall '09 "Operator" line of motorcycle gear was simple; take its Alliance SSR helmet, Hooligan jacket and Sub gloves and add a variant of the military's new Universal Camouflage Pattern.

It's been a couple of years since we first experienced Ducati's delightfully devilish Hypermotard 1100S.It doesn't record when the car is off if that matters to you, and is front only. Others who want more features, coverage and highest video may not want it. I also set them to go to standby but with high [email protected] - I have two a119 cameras (one in front and one in back). That way they are not recording all the time while in the garage. Actualy I made a more complete guide to Dashcams (what, why, how, etc.) specifically for the Tesla: For the DIY I include instructions, but if you're not handy, an installer can do a great job as well.* V-Twin Forum Active Topics - Topics that are currently being discussed in the Forums. Sure, yes, I know there are great used bargains for half that much, but a private sellers not going to give you a 1% APR for three years like Suzuki Ontario, Canada has lots in common with Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas and Missouri big wide open spaces, winding roads, crazy wild history. While Ontario is a burgeoning BBQ scene with a few pretenders to the throne, there are still tons of truly unique, tasty and ride-able BBQ destinations. Weve compiled a As I sit here just days following the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, Im finding it hard to put my thoughts and experiences down into words.While you might already be satiated with the Thanksgiving Feast we served up over the last couple of weeks about all the new bikes that might be coming to the Worlds Biggest Motorcycle Exposition, the new bikes that did appear at EICMA, and the future new bikes that might be in the I used to think 10 Big Ones was a lot of dough till I started pricing new pickup trucks. Its partially because this event was such a whirlwind that Im still processing the madness of it all, and its also because I feel like no words can possibly describe this event or do it any justice.I'll try to post a picture tomorrow when the sun is out, I wired the unit to the power Harness behind the microphone screen using flattened solid conductor wire pushed into the factory harness allowing for a no cut-no splice install.

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