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Chest: 52″ Waist: 33″ Arms: 19″ Thigh: 28″ Calf: 18″ HAWAIIAN HEAT Stepping out on the deck of his vacation home, muscle-ripped Dallas Steele greets the day with a beautiful view of Sonoma Valley.Dallas leisurely strolls down to the pool to check the temperature before heading to the outdoor shower on what promised to be gorgeous day.

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Ultimately, Joe engulfs Rex’s hot balls and hungrily sucks his cock.

Moving down, Joe spreads Rex’s cheeks…exploring the big stud’s hole…he fingers it…he licks it…he kisses it.

They head back to Justin’s for an afternoon swim and end up surrendering to their desire beside the pool.

After a sun-soaked session of sucking, probing, and fucking, Justin selects a few of his colossal dildos and the men continue their play until Joe and Justin spill forth in lusty rapture.

Hungry for another sort of meal, they snuff the candles and begin to work on each other.

Hands and hot mouths roam across flat ridged abs, up to powerful pecs, tonguing rigid nipples and down to superbly shaped inner thighs.A Jeep appears on the horizon and it doesn’t take RICK long to park, strip down and investigate.Two incredible bodybuilders in the ultimate movie of its kind: filmed entirely in Hawaii.please have a look at her perfect beautiful face, her exotic dark skin and her big big natural tits. City/Town: Los Angeles State/Province: CA Country: USA Year Born: 1961 his age Dec 31 2006: 45 Height: 6 Feet 1 Inches Weight: 210 lbs Waist: 32 Chest: 46.0 Arms: 17.0 Thigh: 24.0 Calf: 17.0 MADE FOR YOU: Rex Chandler fucks Joe Cade Joe Cade anxiously waits for his blind date – Rex Chandler – to arrive.MUSCLE BEACH (MV-50) These two giants rekindle an old relationship when they meet on a deserted stretch of beach.

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