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Most Cambodians prefer marriage when it comes to relationships, and you should bear this in mind while falling head over heels in love with your gorgeous goddess from this stunning country.

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More well-to-do couples will hire a nanny, but with less well-off parents the mother will just have to stay home.

I would imagine Western women of marrying age these days would have a problem with that mindset in general.

Never mind, you can always try dating someone from another country, such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan or one of the many other countries in Southeast Asia like Filipine.

This is a very brief attempt at coming up with some insights into the opposite situation of my previous post.

And now that the problems of the past, including high incidents of domestic violence, have been swept aside, there is much more respect for women who have seen their status rise to unprecedented levels.

Many well-known clothing brands have set up factories in this country and this has brought mass employment, which serves to improve the living standards for everyone.Especially in Cambodia itself, it is rather rare to find a mixed marriage between a Western woman and a Khmer man. The cases I have come across are always of the arranged nature, that is, U. Cambodians hire somebody to marry one of their kin back in Cambodia, thus enabling them to immigrate to the U. Although there were some crackdowns by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to my knowledge the practice goes on unabated.But supposedly real love unions do indeed appear to happen.Traditions are very slow to change and the 30 years since the Khmer Rouge certainly weren’t long enough to whittle away at the most prevalent characteristics of the man -woman relationship.The woman is there to take care of her husband, to bear him children, to raise the children, and manage the household.But people can’t wipe out their cultural background that is more or less 180° diametrically opposed to the one they have chosen to live in. It shouldn’t be too surprising that the man expects the wife to bend to his way.

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