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Testosterone is the most important hormone you have in your fight to gain lean muscle, and when you gain fat, your T levels typically drop. We’ll discuss this as we get further into the article, but before you read on, check out this article for a detailed explanation as to why “bulking” doesn’t work: How ‘Bulking’ Can Ruin Your Gains We’ll get the topic of supplements out of the way. No matter how much you spend, supplements won’t to your lean muscle gains.

By taking them before and during your workout (10 grams 25 minutes before, 10 grams half way through) you’re going to stop your body from burning muscle during your workout.

And that didn’t change for a long time – I stayed skinny until my mid-twenties.

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Again, testosterone is still the most important hormone for muscle building.

It’ll help you repair your muscle tissue and recover from the tough workouts you should be doing in the gym. We need to be consuming a hefty amount of good fats to ensure that our bodies are producing naturally high testosterone levels.

Have a post workout shake that’s at least 1:1, carbs:protein – I like coconut water with assorted berries.

Follow that meal up with 1-2 more high lean protein, and high carbohydrate meals. While whole carbs are the best, you can have high-glycemic carbohydrates as well (white rice, bread, etc…).

When to have them: Don’t consume fats with your carbs. Fats also inhibit your body’s ability to absorb protein, which is another reason why you don’t want them around your workout.

Breakfast, however, is a great time to consume fats.

Simply follow the same principles, focusing your carbs around your workouts, and your fats away from them.

Most of us, myself included, will follow a bulking protocol when trying to build muscle.

Have nuts with every “fats meal” – Brazil nuts and almonds are a great option. Timing your carbohydrate intake will help with this. A pre workout meal with lean protein and good carbs is always recommended.

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