Comic vine dating quiz

In the early Eighties, my three young sons and I used to watch quiz shows together.

On my Sale Of The Century application, one of my sons wrote, ‘Our mum ought to be on your show as she knows everything!

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Carol Vorderman was absolutely delightful – much friendlier than Richard Whiteley.

She put me at my ease, which was good as the tension mounts when that clock starts ticking.

’ I got enough questions right to win a car, which qualified me to enter the Australian version of the show, and I won enough money on that to buy my council house outright.

In 1988, I took part in Going For Gold, and won a trip to the Seoul Olympics.

'Vine, 52, said: 'I just feel very lucky every day, is the answer to that,' before Mr Jones asked: 'Do you think you're overpaid?

'The broadcaster replied: 'I don't really want to answer that because I don't think it's the moment for me.'Mr Jones hit back: 'You spend your life asking people questions - I am asking you a direct question.

That night, we had a party in the hotel but I was in bed by half-past ten – I was just overwhelmed. It’s meant I could set up my own business, put down a big deposit on a four-bedroom detached house and pay for our wedding.

Jeremy Vine said the BBC 'is really hurting today' as he spoke outside Wogan House shortly after being made to squirm about his pay live on air by a former coal miner.

What made it all so surreal was that, as Deal Or No Deal sometimes has fancy-dress episodes, I was in a cowgirl outfit and Noel was an Indian chief!

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