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She knew what was going on and she seemed to like it.

Completely free sex chat no plan-32

He wanted me to become the Dominatrix and force him to do things he would not do on his own.

He wanted some just down and dirty fucking or as he would say he just wanted some recreational sex.

I had him get in the shower and told him to wash up with nice hot water because I wanted to see how long he could make his hairless balls hang down.

When he went into the shower I called room service and asked for some more towels but I just wanted for him to get embarrassed by someone seeing his shaved body.

I took all the towels out of the bathroom and left the door open.

I told him to stay in the shower until I told him to get out.They all agreed and about 10 minutes later we are all deep into chatting about this new life style.It seemed that we were all being coaxed into this by our husbands.I had read a few more articles and decided that I could have some fun with this if I just let go of some of the hang-ups I had, my husband seemed to be very willing to let go of everything.I was still looking at the internet when I found a chat room dedicated to FEMDOM so I entered and just read at first.I said CUB if we start this tonight you have to agree to do whatever I say for the next 12 months, if at any time you hesitate or question me then we are thru and you will not bring it up again.

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