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In the same way, people can become conscious of a feeling that they can't label or describe, a phenomenon that's especially common in pre-verbal infants.

Recent experimental studies and theoretical models have begun to address the challenge of establishing a causal link between subjective conscious experience and measurable neuronal activity.

The present review focuses on the well-delimited issue of how an external or internal piece of information goes beyond nonconscious processing and gains access to conscious processing, a transition characterized by the existence of a reportable subjective experience.

This information is incredibly useful and critical to the performance and success of collaborations.

These categories are not mutually exclusive, as there can be significant overlap in what a particular type of awareness might be considered.

The term covers a common interest in whereabouts of remote entities, especially individuals and their cohesion in operation.

The term of context awareness is a superset including the concept of location awareness.

Rather, these categories serve to help understand what knowledge might be conveyed by a particular type of awareness or how that knowledge might be conveyed.

Workspace awareness is of particular interest to the CSCW community, due to the transition of workspaces from physical to virtual environments.

It extends the awareness to context features of an operational target as well as to the context of an operational area.

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