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This process doesn't delete the original files that are in other locations, but it ensures all media files are copied.To consolidate your i Tunes library into one folder before backup, make sure i Tunes is running and follow these steps: 1. - click the Edit menu tab at the top of the screen and choose the Preferences option. Click the Advanced tab and enable the option: Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library if not already checked. To view the consolidation screen, click the File menu tab and choose Library Organize Library.4.

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However, it complicates the backup procedure because you will have to make sure that all these folders on your computer's hard drive are backed up as well as the i Tunes music folder.

To make this process easier, you can use the consolidation feature in i Tunes to copy all your media files into one folder.

First navigate to the Edit screen for the storage location where your i Tunes XML is stored: Then, just enable i Tunes Import and you're good to go!

If you want to know more, or if you're having a problem setting up i Tunes sync in Roon, read on!

The two most likely issues relate to a) i Tunes XML not syncing or b) Media files not stored with XML ### Testing Your i Tunes XML Sync If you're having trouble importing or syncing your playlists into Roon, it's a good idea to first confirm your XML is being updated by i Tunes.

To confirm the file is being updated properly, find the XML file -- it will be called `i Tunes Library.

After following these steps, i Tunes will open and your i Tunes Library will be restored.

i Tunes Roon can easily import your i Tunes playlists, and in most configurations, it will update them automatically if you make changes in i Tunes.

Drag and drop or copy and paste the i Tunes folder from your computer to your external drive. Restoring Your i Tunes Library Backup When you need to restore your backed up i Tunes Library from your external hard drive to your computer, follow these steps:1. It is recommended that you choose the default location for the i Tunes folder, which is: Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\user profile name\My Documents\My Music\Windows Vista: \Users\user profile name\My Music\Windows 7 or 8: \Users\user profile name\Music. In the resulting dialog, click the Choose Library button. Select the i Tunes folder you just moved to the internal hard drive.7.

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