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Also, probably not a good idea to describe yourself as a "good guy." Its always better that people don't flatter themselves in their profiles.

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It doesnt have to be a book, just a few more lines that tell a little bit about you.

Also, might be a good idea to ditch the shirtless pictures.

(A message that is more than 200 words comes of as needy, though). 3.) Include a sentence that says a little bit about you.

Even though you already talked about yourself in your profile, do it anyway. 5.) Include a “call to action.” Give just a quick, generic “We should grab coffee or a beer sometime.” Don’t wait until the second or third message to do this— in fact, you’ll be surprised at how many women will say yes on the first message. As another online dating tip, test your message and keep track of your response rate.

) not to waste time crafting a personal message- either way, gets the same response rate . if they send me the exact same thing that is on their page i also iggy-- i don't need to read the same thing twice! copying the same sentence makes you look lazy/boring and not that bright. He told me a little about himself (that wasn't in his profile), referred to something in my profile (which showed me that he'd actually read it), and asked me a question (so I would have something to respond TO).

In fact if I just send some random cut & paste about Arctic char mating habits or bozo the clown I get better response- I think they are curious and ask, "WTF? also, your mail settings could be preventing women from even being able to reply to you. If you don't give someone a reason to respond, it's akin to phoning someone up then asking them what they want to talk about.

” Many people give online dating tips advising against this, and in truth, cutting and pasting is risky business. Almost every women (or man, for that reason) would like a personal message. By the the time you’re finished writing it, five other guys have written to her!

But if you carefully craft a killer message and tweak it just a little each time, you can: 1.) They make them too short. You need to have a very smartly written message template. But if template is good, it will appear to the woman as if the entire thing was original. This is longer that the average message so you will stand out more.

even a, "do you really think..." will intrigue someone enough to open and see what's inside. Pics should represent what you look like NOW, not 5 years, 3 hairstyles, and 30 pounds ago.

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