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You’re not going to be one of their (National Grid’s) transmission customers.” (When contacted this week, National Grid spokesperson David Graves said, “As far as the Wakefield substation is concerned, it’s an integral part of our distribution system and if there is an outage we will address that as quickly as possible.What Cindy was getting at is that we tie our restoration process in order to get the largest number of customers online first.

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At any rate, “BIPCo has the burden of proof [to retain generation].

The Commission could deny, grant or grant with conditions,” said Wilson-Frias, as long as there is no conflict with federal law.

Running the generators Since there may be a gap between when the cable goes operational and the approval of the rate design and restructuring plans, Wilson-Frias said: “There will be a time when the island is connected, but [still] running on generator due to the six-month window.” This seemed to be something no one had thought about before.

Shorey asked: “Can we use the cable on the current rate structure?

” Wilson-Frias didn’t think so, as the language in the current tariff refers to the “fuel charge.” “Since the PUC approves the monthly fuel charge, then can’t the fuel charge be used for the rate [for the power coming through the cable]? John Bell, the Rate Analyst, thought that there may actually be some provision for adjusting the fuel rate language to allow for the purchase of power through the cable. “This is a prime example of something that can be worked out.” “This is the first time I’ve heard that the generators will be running for six months after the cable,” said Mac Mullan.

“We’re finding federal rules or state laws we don’t know about,” said Shorey.

EUTG Member Bill Penn told the audience that the Town Council has asked the EUTG to hold two public forums on the subject.

Shorey said they were trying to get some people from the Pascoag Utility District and from other islands to come out, a “thankless” job that Penn had taken on.

Then came the next unpleasant surprise: the impact of storms on the mainland.

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