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I'll tell you this, If we ever have a magistrate or judge that will run with the sole purpose of throwing the book at drug dealers, they will get my vote.

And once they're in office, if they want to play politics, then in 4 years i'm voting for the next person that will tell me they will throw the book at drug dealers.

I'm not trying to rip on other women; it's only fair that we have our own physical preferences, and I'm not against that.

But I am baffled why SO MANY women wrinkle their noses at certain guys for that reason alone. I've made comments to girlfriends about guys we've seen being hot, and they look at me like I'm crazy and invariably follow it with an uncomplimentary comment about his height. Now I know there are some women out there who will overlook shortness, even though they find it unattractive, for the right combination of other features in the complete package.

Five days later, Topping died while in the hospital. I had heard that if they don't do something by December then he walks free. Shawn took a human life and if he walks free just because hes been a good little boy because hes with a chick then someone needs to beat the crap out of him everytime he showed his ugly face. I am sad for his family to have lost some one like him. BUT IF YOU KILL A HUMAN BEING , YOU CAN WALK AS A FREE MAN. I looked this mans name up on the internet and he is a registed sex affender.

Mr Toppings was a very sweet man and his family deserves better then have trash like him in their face. YOU NEVER HAVE TO GO TO PRISON AND DO YOUR TIME FOR TAKING THE LIFE OF A HUMAN BEING. BUT TO ME A HUMAN LIFE TAKEN,, NEEDS TO BE SOME PUNISHMENT SOMEWHERE IN THE LAW BOOKS FOR KILLING A MAN. It is a shame that she would put her child into a home with a pieace of sh!

The report said the victim received injuries which required him to be transported to Logan (Regional Medical Center) for treatment. The police report said Toppings death was the result of injuries received during the altercation on February 20 during the allegedly home could this 31 year old man do what he done to this poor 84 year old man.? Because he's an ignorant person whom has no care in the world for anyone else, but himself. I cannot believe someone would take someone's life over a pill. He will be dearly missed, and hopefully, his killer will serve a justifiable punishment for it. This hurt alot of people, not just his immediately family but also his distant family and his bros and sis in the church. He changed alot after he got involved with that girl in Boone County. wow i think hes a little to late just because he got involed with some chick in boone county,who cares.!! I am sad for his family to have lost some one like him. now what other things did this sicko do at being arrested at least 15 the hell was he ever waking free to start with?

As the victims condition deteriorated, he was flown by Health Net helicopter to Cabell Huntington Hospital. It's because of people like this that those who have so much pain cannot get any help to ease it. He took a good man away from us all and I hope and pray that they find out who else was in on it and they get what they deserve. Never would have expected anything like this out of him before. that chick is just as sick as he is to fool with such a low life. I didn't know Mr Toppins, but I have heard really wonderful things about him. I can't figure out that if you kill a dog or some other kind of animal it is called abuse. Or if you move a mountian to get the minerals and so forth out and create a job it is SO bad.

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I'm just wondering why other women don't like short guys???

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