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The level of detail and quality control is unmatched at this price point.Their steel, both carbon and stainless, takes a great edge and we find them to be relatively easy to maintain. Round end to blade, gimps on the top and bottom of the shank, double pinned. Both ends are intact but the logo is of a flower with six petals.

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It appears that on the obverse side of the shank is a rendering of Columbus with a flag. it wouldn't take much to make this one shave ready. Nice old razor with bone scales and a lead wedge which is indicative of a razor made in the early to mid 1800's. The early arrow with the cross on the right side of the arrow and 'B' in a circle on the left end.

square end to blade but it could use some work on the hone and strop. Most of the color between the bamboo segments is still there. There are some initials scratched into the surface of the bone but not ledge able.

Country: Solingen, Germany Blade: 5/8 Metal: high carbon steel Grind: full hollow Point: square Scales: faux ivory bakelite Stampings on tang: very readable Date: est.

There are some minor scuffs and abrasions on the faux ivory bakelite scales.

Instead of a rounded back, the blade has three sides. The reverse side of the shank has a pair of Nez Pierce glasses with the word 'warranted' below. $140 Pictures: (Twin Man Henckels) made for Davis and Weimescary Co.

Nez Pierce glasses were held in place by a single piece of spring metal that would act as a clamp to pinch down on the bridge of the nose. Original box with what appears to be Moroccan leather. A session with the hone and strop would give the shave ready edge. The obverse scale looks like it has a crack through the pin, but it a discoloration, but the reverse scale has a hairline crack that has not opened. The wedge in the end of the scales is the very early lead.

Freckling to the surface of the blade, Hollow ground etched into the right side of the blade. Made in Germany, Nice bamboo scales, marked with the Boker 'Tree Brand'. Single sided, (I noticed a second person at Eve's feet in this pattern that I have not seen in others like it). Pictures: , Made in Germany and patented in the US. It is so perfect that I had to take a close-up of the pin area to see the grain of the bone.

The original box is present and inscribed to the LEE Hardware C, King Cutter. Square end, gimps on top of the shank, long monkey tail. Pictures: , Peter Michels Brooklyn NY (made for him in Germany) 5/8" wide, 'Cracked Ice' scales has silver bands around the ends on each side, the obverse side has a silver panel: Tru-Edge. This razor has been finished with a Shave Ready edge and is ready to go. They made many novelty razors in the 20's and 30's. Forums indicate that this is a rare maker who used superior steel. If you restore razors, this will be a real prize for you.

10.5" X 8.6" Came to America from a Swiss couple who immigrated in 1948. 50 Pictures: , The company hallmark is on the obverse shank: Trademark with a shield, anchor, and crossed swords. Beautiful red scales that I have never run across before. There was some sort of logo in the recessed portion of the lid. Six auto strop blades still in their cardboard wraps are in the compartment to the left. Henry Sears and Son produced fine razors between 18. Pictures: Nice deep etching on blade of a heart with 'Finest' in the center and a banner with "hollow Ground" (You might want to take a look at SR31 to see the matching blade with the same logo. 3/4" blade, triple pinned, transparent dark green scales. French Ivory scales, with silver bolsters with the Logo of a large 'V' and 'O' intertwined. Weck & Son is stamped into the framework for the removable blade on the reverse. This set is exciting since everything is there including the instruction book and a pristine case with all the information. When I had this razor polished and honed, I opted not to have all the small marks removed to save the Logo on the blade. Priced well at 5 Pictures: The back side of the shank is marked 'Germany'. White composition scales with what looks like some heat damage to the reverse scale. Pictures: , 7" long x1.5" high x 1.66 inches deep. They are mounted on the wood base that has been split lengthwise, forming two equal sides.

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