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As a professional, the union is my voice to advocate for those I serve and my fellow providers.Through the union I can share my every­day experience about what works and what doesn’t, and offer improvements. Denying me my right to union representation has little to do with improving early childhood education in Ohio, and a lot to do with the governor’s political ambitions.Patterson was initially denied parole in 2011, but was granted release in October following the wave of support. The murder victim's sister, Holly Lai, was among those to advocate for Patterson's release saying she wasn't involved in the shooting or robbery.

Patterson, who has always maintained her innocence, was convicted in the 1994 murder and robbery of 15-year-old Michelle Lai.

She did not fire the shot that killed Lai, but under Ohio law accomplices can be handed the same punishment as killers.

And while many Ohioans will enjoy this and other holidays with their families, AFSCME Council 8 members will be on the job keeping our communities safe and our public spaces attractive and accessible.

Our AFSCME sisters and brothers staffing hospitals will be on the job ready to take care of summer accidents, illness and injuries from minor to major.

Today’s action isn’t about doing what’s right for our state, it’s an attack on Ohio’s most vulnerable children that will limit their opportunities in the future,” said AFSCME Ohio Council 8 President John A. A loss of collective bargaining rights will mean lower-quality child care available to parents, and the loss of thousands of jobs that are largely held by women and minority workers now.

This is another mean-spirited attack on working people that will hurt our families and our communities,” Lyall said. Quality child care like what we provide can be the difference between a family living on public assistance or moving into the middle class,” said independent child care provider Asyia Haile, President of AFSCME Local 4025 which represents independent child care providers in 16 central Ohio counties.

They had been sitting in a Chevy Chevette in an alley when they were confronted by a different group that included Patterson.

The two groups got into a heated shouting match that resulted in Lai being shot in the head.

Another girl, La Shawna Keeney, is accused of firing the fatal shot.

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May 22nd, 2015 Worthington, Ohio–Canceling collective bargaining rights for independent, in-home child care providers takes Ohio’s working families another step backward. John Kasich’s move affects more than 2,700 of the state’s independent child care providers who provide home-based care for an estimated 20,000 children. Ted Strickland in 2008, is nearing the end of its contract with the state which expires at the end of June.

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