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Dear Etiquette Hell, I work in a fairly large and diverse organisation, and many people speak a language other than English.

Several people have said to me how nice it is to speak their first language with other people, now that they live in an English speaking country.

A group of staff members has since gone to our union to work out a response.

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We all received an email informing us that “it is not appropriate to speak in a language other than English” while in the break room.

I was shocked, as it seems quite racist to impose this kind of rule.

My husband’s family has expressed hurt feelings that we have never taken a trip with them.

This surprised me because none of them travel often and also traveling takes some planning and not a single one of them are good at planning.

My husband has decided that we will take a family cruise this year. S for close to 20 years and speak English fluently on a daily basis, when they are together they speak in their native tongue.

His thought is that this way no one has to be the hostess and with a large group we can be together as much or as little as we like, separating during the day to do activities we enjoy but eating together in the evening. I understand why but this often leaves me feeling like an outsider and frustrated.Because of how they feel, they would do anything for him if he were to ask.That is the level of influence that you can attain when you put these principles to work in your life. Each section of the site will describe specific ways that you can use these fundamental principles to impact others around you.I suspect there is more to this story than you are aware of because HR/management felt the need to make this rule.Management has the challenging task of maintaining employee morale and teamwork for maximum productivity.I believe that the faux pas rests with the offended staff member in thinking that anyone would talk about them while they were present, but use another language to do so.

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