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He sounds like he is just turning 20 and has the social graces of a child in a candy store!! Anyone who insults you or puts you down isn't worth your time. He did that just for show for everyone in that place not for you. She would openly flirt with other guys and wore very seductive clothes.

If he thought you couldn't afford the restaurant then simply picking a different restaurant or stating beforehand that he'd like to take you out for this dinner would have been the respectful way to go. Not for the relationship, but so that he doesn't look like a cheapskate to the people in that place. Some people like to try and look down on the person they are dating so they feel better. I told her that I didn't want to see her anymore like that and she got mad. It does make you feel better to do the right thing than just take what someone does as a given just to date.

If you pay your share and run short, your kids will have to do without. "I found this pretty insulting, since I would not be dating if I couldn't afford it and if my kids would have to do without as a result. Before he dropped me off at home, I brought it up to him and he basically told me that he's always been the type to take on challenges and that he really likes me in spite of my "bad situation" (being a single parent).

Not only that, but he has no idea what my financial situation is or how well I manage my money . I told him that I don't want his pity or to be someone's pet project and that I don't want to date him anymore.

Showing at least a LITTLE vulnerability when you're out with someone means you're willing to trust them and maybe move forward with a relationship.

Keeping everything 50/50 means you're not willing to budge that 'balance', and I could easily see why he might be getting frustrated with it. He didn't think he was doing you a favor by DATING you - he thought he was doing a favour by paying ONE pricey dinner bill, which you refused to let happen.The idea of a man paying the entire cost of dating is very old fashioned and is based on a time when a woman's income was far less than a man's - equality - it seems some women want all the benifits but none of the pitfalls.Part of equality is not expecting special treatment because you are of a certain sex, race, religion, colour etc. Would accept a meal if the man insisted, its nice to be treated and if it makes him feel good too then no harm.If he's known you for years, maybe he's thought of you as something more serious from a LONG time ago, and just didn't say anything - now that he's got this chance to be a hero, and it was denied, he's worried about blowing it - and he panicked. I think you should look deeply at your own sense of vulnerability and make sure this attitude is not just a sneaking sense of fear that this guy COULD be something more serious - and maybe YOU are worried about blowing it by moving too fast.Granted, when he opened his mouth to say something about it, he got his shoe firmly shoved in it. I agree with every word of Tickle Me Pank’s take on it.It’s possible he could change or that it just was a faux pas. The OP IS very pretty and her posts are well written and cogent. It isn't "shallow" (God what an overused, tired word) to recognize those as good things that should make a male glad to be in her company.

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