Dating for missionaries

Several kinds of matchmakers appear in the pages of the first books of both the Old and New Testaments.

People today often think that such marriages do not involve love, but many of them resulted in loving relationships.

Bill, also single, served with a different agency but attended the same church.

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In fact, one such service has chosen to call itself

Singles who decide to use these new matchmakers, Internet dating services, need to do so carefully.

If the end goal of dating is marriage, it is illogical to date someone knowing you will eventually have to break up with that person to go to the mission field.

In the end it is a matter of conscience and how strong you feel your calling is.

The second change is occurring now, a century later at the turn of the 21st century, but it is taking place more rapidly and is an increasing use of matchmakers of a different kind.

Rather than parents finding a friend, relative, or professional matchmaker, singles who want to marry are increasingly turning to Internet dating services which match people for marriage.

Ronald Koteskey download this as a pdf file in the format of a 2 sided tri-fold brochure for printing and distribution to others Junko had served cross-culturally for nearly three years.

Knowing that her parents disapproved of what she was doing, one Sunday after the service her pastor told her that he would be glad to help her find a husband. She wanted to marry but just did not know how to go about finding a husband because her host culture did not seem to have any way for her to find a mate.

You may not consider these to be “red flags,” so if any happen, it would be best to ask a trusted friend if they may indicate a problem when a potential date…

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