Dating gibson acoustic guitars

If you want a Gibson guitar, and want it made right, then an Orville will do.

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Even if you think you are not handy enough to repair your own guitar, I believe every guitarist should at least learn how to take care and maintain his guitar.

I have written many articles and instructional guides for novice guitar players looking to make their guitar play smoother as well as articles for advanced guitar technicians looking to learn new techniques.

As we all know, Gibson maintained nearly no records during its war years. Eventually it will function as a searchable data base of historical and technical information.

Our gain is that this registry enables us all to sort out the Banner era Gibsons.

Being a luthier myself, I know how difficult it is to find quality information and instruction about guitar building and guitar repairs when you first start working on guitars.

There is no reason why you need to bring your guitar to your local repairshop for a simple setup.

made to high standards as well, these brands often hand-carved their necks to feel different and finish options were not pinned down to onlya few standard options, so to ensure each guitar had a different feel, vibe and even tone, since they all used so many different types of pickups.

The Orvilleseither had the Japanese low-quality humbuckers or the Gibson USA humbuckers, so the tone was not as varied.

This is the most useful part for people looking at buying an Orville, Orville by Gibson or Epiphone guitar.

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