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Did he truly not know that he was contagious even when he wasn't experiencing lesions?

And how much should a person be compensated for a disease, albeit incurable, that affects roughly 1 in 6 adults?

"We all felt he should have told her -- he had the responsibility to tell her," said juror Noah Brimhall.

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She suffered from anxiety and depression, and the drugs she took for that caused her weight to balloon by 30 pounds.

Vogt praised his client as a "heroine" for standing up to hold a "dangerous" man responsible.

His attorney argued that the woman was careless -- that she should have demanded he wear a condom because without one "everyone knows you're at risk for an STD." "Grow up.

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the new law. Most provisions of the law will take effect on July 1, 2018. The law applies to Oregon employers that employ 500 or more employees worldwide and that provide services relating to "retail trade," "hotels," "motels" or "food services," as those terms are used in the 2012 North American Industry Classification System.

828, which will impose predictable scheduling requirements on large employers in certain industries.

Separate entities that constitute an "integrated enterprise" will be considered a single employer for purposes of determining the number of worldwide employees.

In the case of the retired dentist, the Washington County district attorney's office declined to prosecute, figuring it would not be able to prove the case "beyond a reasonable doubt" -- a higher standard than in a civil suit.

During last week's trial, the woman's attorney, Randall Vogt, said his client had received a clean bill of health in January 2010 and then had sex with the retired dentist for one time on May 25, 2010.

Among the law's requirements are the following: What procedures must an employer follow if it makes changes to the schedule after the advance notice date?

If the employer requests changes to the work schedule after the date on which advance notice is required under the law, the employer must: How can an employer deal with unexpected absences or changes in work needs outside the employer's control?

Within 11 days, she had a herpes outbreak -- documented by her complaints to a doctor, he said.

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