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I had known him in high school and now his dad lives in my building.

So I said Hi to him and told him who I was we got into the elevator went to my floor which his dad lives on also, stood in the hallway for 10 minutes talking he helped me with my bags and talked some more.

Some people will warm up to someone who has a positive attitude, but is disabled. So never think of yourself as someone who no one would want.

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I can only function about 8 hours a day, and some days I can't be out of bed much at all. He's the one who surfed the web, forwarded articles and links to websites, and made dinner after dinner.

My husband has been very understanding and I feel a lot of support and caring from him. Oh it's not that my husband would not understand or be supportive. Don't get me wrong he has been to the serious ones. I really don't think about Fibro, I just know I have painful muscles/bone pain, I guess I look at it as a lot of people are pain for one reason or another so why whine about it. I have always been honest about my pain and discomfort level, and I do as much as I can.

It was the right time because they thought I had a headache and kept offering Tylenol.

We each have our own ways of coping in order to have an outside life, some people cope better than others. Lou I am replying because I have just found my soul mate after being alone for 9 years.

So my teeth were taken care of and was really getting happy with how much weight I have lost so far and it is staying off so next was my soulmate.

I told a dear friend of mine online about my list and that I was at finding my soulmate but did not have the money to join one of the dating site.I wouldn't open up the first conversation with I am disabled or in pain. The more that I am able to ignore my pain, the more I am able to focus on my life and what I really want to do, which is darn little because of all my disabilities.But eventually, you do need to be honest with someone about your limitations because they will have a huge impact on the relationship.If you've not been in this position yourself, what advice would you give to those who are? Going on 24yrs together & medical issues are just not really spoken about unless it is a life or death situation. I am very private when it comes to my medical issues & well he is a guy and will never admit it..I think i get it from my mom...never a complaint..& she had 15 kids...picked cotton during the early pregnancies..last birth she was 44yrs old & not once did I ever hear her complain. Never ever complained about any medical issue or pain.He has helped me heal back from many surgeries & still loves me despite what graves/hyper did to my looks. My pain is not to where it will stop me from doing things. After 29 years of marriage, we've been through a lot.

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