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"Can I just say that I hope football is the winner of today's game. Mottywatch "These England fans who are so keen and follow the team everywhere; you have to wonder how and where they get their tickets. We (you, me and that man who was actually looking for a bit of soft porn) are literally moments away from England's World Cup opener.

Having said that, 13,000 tickets were released for this game recently." Early onset dementia is not funny, early onset dementia is not funny... And don't be fooled by my cool exterior: I've been jittery about this since about March.

21 mins Valdez gets a booking for scything Beckham's legs from under him.

"The lead commentator on ABC7's coverage in New York informs us that Crouch's robo-dance is the latest craze in England right now," says Mark Cripps.

Subs: Barreto, Bobadilla, Cabanas, Cuevas, Da Silva, Dos Santos, Gavilan, Gomez, Lopez, Manzur, Montiel, Nunez.

Right, these 'ere south Americans I've been trying to find out a bit about Paraguay, what with having to write this commentary and all. oh, insert your own obvious gag here), but haven't quite hit the mind-numbing level of tedious trivia that makes Motty Motty.

Subs: Bridge, Campbell, Carragher, Carrick, Carson, Downing, Hargreaves, James, Jenas, Lennon, Rooney, Walcott.

Paraguay Villar, Caniza, Gamarra, Caceres, Toledo, Bonet, Acuna, Paredes, Riveros, Valdez, Santa Cruz.

Este Decreto, emitido el pasado 14 de setiembre atenta contra la protección de las reservas legales de bosques naturales y por ende contra las políticas ambientales de protección y preservación de los ecosistemas, que se fundamentan en la Constitución Nacional, la Ley de Delitos contra el Medio Ambiente y el Plan Nacional de Desarrollo.

Además, incluye elementos de reglamentación de la ley 3001/06 de Valoración y Retribución de Servicios Ambientales, hecho inadecuado al momento de reglamentar una ley.

16 mins John Terry fluffs his lines on the edge of the area and allows Paredes a crack at goal, but his shot is deflected wide off the buttocks of his team-mate.

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