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We both laughed and had a good time in a pretty empty restaurant. Valentine’s Day should not induce stress whether you are in a relationship or not. Valentine’s Day feeds into our notion of romance…every romantic comedy, every heartfelt love song, every “We’ll always have Paris.” Marblehead is a coastal Massachusetts town.I started my journey in Rhode Island, but moved to Massachusetts within a couple of years.I started using it because it sums things up quite nicely. I’ve used that expression a lot in the more than 20 years since I first heard it.

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If one person is so insecure or incomplete that they need some grand gesture on Vday, well therapy will help that, not some flowers.

My suggestion for all in Valentine’s Day is to celebrate together. If you want to get a silly little gift and a card,that’s nice but don’t go crazy.

I had no idea the blog would lead to a book and be relevant 11 years later. Although there may have been a lot of setbacks, there are things we long for and things we think we would be if we were somehow born into another life, with different people, under different circumstances.

AND that someone in a Facebook group would ask a question about how this happens. When I was a senior in high school I wanted to go onto college Continue reading Every few months I read an article about someone who committed suicide after a breakup or a person who went on a shooting rampage after a breakup.

Marblehead in MA is used often by natives as a metaphor for a thick skull…and “Dawn breaks over Marblehead” is a Massachusetts expression which means “Duh.

I finally get it.” I think it’s a terrific expression to define a defining moment, an epiphany so to speak, and when I lived there I heard it used it all the time.To keep the group safe, we do not approve anyone who does not answer the questions OR who JUST joined Facebook. Past Your Breakup Continue reading , I have been re-reading Dr. The bottom line is that a narcissist is completely incapable of . Any overtures they have made that appear to be love have simply been to get you to admire them. But better to not be surprised than to have your mate freaking out over this.If you don’t want to do FB because you’re NC and FB is a trigger, email me your real name and FB profile and then the NEW FB profile so I can approve it. Yet, because they suffer from feelings of inadequacy, they actually disdain those who admire them. If a couple has a healthy and strong relationship, Valentine’s Day should not be a stressor no matter what. If the stress of trying to be romantic and find the perfect gift causes harm to a relationship, then the couple has larger issues. If someone MUST be surprised and MUST have the perfect gift and if they don’t there will be trouble, the couple is in trouble anyway.Then I will, inevitably, get an email from someone saying, “I’m not getting over it.I will never get over this.” I want to address the “I’m not getting over this, I want to die.” feeling. Some are quite rudimentary and you would think a smart person like me would know them, but I didn’t.If a person is “romance-challenged” or doesn’t know what to buy, this is something the couple should be able to talk about. ” If a couple cannot talk about it, then there is a problem in the relationship that needs to be addressed. I had years where I wanted the dozen roses and why don’t I want them now?

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