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And nausea, dizziness, insomnia and headaches can also be side-effects of the gum, but they are for most medications.’There is some evidence of more serious harm.

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Less common are vomiting, palpitations and hives.‘The effects of chewing ten to 15 pieces of gum a day are pretty onerous,’ he says.

‘That’s around one piece every hour, with recommended chewing of around 20 minutes, so people do say they have sore jaws.

To go by the experience of other countries that have done this, it will lead to many more smokers switching to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products, such as gum. When the taste becomes strong or hot (this signals that the nicotine has been released), users are told to ‘park’ the gum in the side of their cheek until the feeling fades, before continuing to chew. The latter (which Dad uses) is recommended for people on more than 20 cigarettes a day.

One 2mg piece of gum has double the amount of nicotine absorbed (on average) from a cigarette, though experts say gum-chewers don’t absorb it all.

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He can’t go anywhere without it.‘I never wanted to give up cigarettes,’ he says. Initially, the gum was prescribed by the NHS — you’re given a 12-week course (in fact, the manufacturer’s recommended dose), with the idea that you use it to wean yourself off nicotine. Instead, he started buying the gum in the High Street, where it is available everywhere, from Sainsbury’s to Boots.

He buys a box, costing up to £26, a week and chews 15 gums a day (the maximum initial amount recommended by doctors before you should taper off and stop completely).

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S., found nicotine was such a powerful carcinogen, it caused thousands of cell mutations similar to those known to be a precursor to cancer.

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