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Inland is the heartland of ancient Wessex, alias 'Thomas Hardy Country' stretching across central Dorset.

Much of the coast is now the 'Jurassic Coast' World Heritage Site, known for its dinosaur fossil finds.

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If you're a first-time visitor or generally not familiar with the south-central coast region (which lacks any official designation), it is the stretch of coast and countryside which stands in the gap between the officially-recognised South West and South East regions of England.

The conurbation consisting of Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole - the largest population centre and the fastest-growing locality - is regarded as the touring centre for the region, with most sites within an hour's travel.

(It's now set to be a major hub for the 2012 Summer Olympics, both for overflow accommodation for those attending the London events, and for those attending the local sailing events along the Dorset coast.) Even if you've never been here in person, you've probably read about it in novels or seen it on screen, for the region is a longtime favourite with writers and now with producers and directors as a film and TV location.

(Actually there are various overlapping jurisdictions, so that any given spot might be in either zone, or inland even part of a more northern "Thames & Chilterns" zone.) For purposes of our coverage here, the region runs between Southampton to the east, the Devon-Somerset border to the west, and northward up to include Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

The 'south-central' area of coastline thus runs west from The Solent which separates the Isle Of Wight from the mainland, and, proceeding westward, includes a series of sites significant to England's geography and history.

There are already various 'Jurassic Coast' guidebooks and websites [] available.

Yet its most unique section remains one of the least known: The Undercliff.

These are year-round attractions: that is, you don't need (or perhaps even want) a sunny day to visit such ruins - a gloomy day only enhances their 'Gothic' appeal.

Click here to view our guide to the Top Ten Scenic Ruins In The South-Central Region.

The region's most high-profile tourist attraction at the moment is the Jurassic Coast - see images right.

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