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In TE’s family there is disagreement about the quality of his childhood.

On the one hand we have his mother and oldest brother who claim a harmonious and happy childhood for him.

And on the other, there is TE himself who speaks of a .

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She felt, for example, that women were natural troublemakers, who would eventually steal her boys from her, and therefore she did not tolerate other women in the house, except for servants.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS TE was treated more critical­ly and strictly by his mother, because she expected him to do somet­hing special with his life. Being a good boy was not enough: he had to be immaculate.

An unhappy marriage without love on either side – tho’ I had four young daugh­ters.

Yr mother & I unfortunately fell in love with each other & when the exposé came, thought only of getting away & hiding our­selves.”The woman for whom he had fallen head over heels, was the governess of his daughters, Sarah Junner (1861-1959).

DISCIPLINE Raising her children to be children of God demanded an iron will from Sarah, and meant enforcing strict discipline (*4) from both family and servants in the form of obedience, reliability, punctuality, neatness and cleanliness.

She used her authority in particular to protect her children from the dangers of the wicked world outside.

The couple were unable to marry, since Lady Chapman refused a divorce on religious grounds.

Consequently, they lived From Dublin they went to Tremadoc (Wales), where Thomas Edward (TE) was born (1888).

Boys and their parents were warned with gruesome descriptions of the dread­ful conse­quences which attended anyone who practised self-abuse.

Fearful of her children developing in the wrong direction, Sarah became vigilant in regard to the chastity of her sons.

She became his mistress, and when pregnant left the household to live in Dublin, giving birth to Robert (Bob) in 1885.

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