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For example, shortly before my hosting service returned, there was a tweet indicating that diesel power generators were outside the building.

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In this way, there's no knowledge of REST, HTTP, or data formats like XML or JSON, but instead an object-based interface that integrates cleanly into the Ruby language.

Let's explore how you can use the Twitter API with Ruby. If like me you're using Ubuntu Linux®, you use the (IRB).

I also demonstrate how to build simple mashups for data visualization using other web services and applications.

If you do not have basic knowledge of the wonderful Ruby language, find references in the Related topics section.

Listing 1 shows a session with IRB that has been broken into three sections to aid readability.

The first section (lines 001 and 002) simply prepares the environment by importing the necessary run time elements (the module.

You're searching for the most recent tweets containing the word that are directed to the Lulz Sec user. Searches are sticky in that the search instance maintains the defined filters.

You can clear these filters by executing Next, let's look at the schema for a user in Twitter.

Now, let's explore some simple scripts that you can use to collect and visualize data using Ruby and the Twitter API.

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