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Andrew and Daryl suggest aiming for 1,000 members and charging around the mark.That way, you are generating ,000 a month, which for most people is an incredible amount of money.

I’ve read a lot of articles about membership sites at other blogs and websites.

Many people who write in the online marketing space jump on the bandwagon and talk about the benefits of owning some kind of subscription based income stream.

Unfortunately I found myself going backwards rather than forwards after launch. As I gained feedback from the people who left I started to realize why they were quitting.

Although there were lots of different variables at play, many of which I addressed slowly over time (I cover these inside the Membership Site Mastermind course), there was one major issue.

Despite how good the model is, most people never get off their butts and actually launch a membership site, or if they do, their site fails because there’s a fatal flaw in their execution or strategy.

I find it hypocritical that people can “teach” how to make money with a membership site never having actually done so themselves.In my case, I decided to launch with no predefined end date, at /m and see what happens.I conducted my launch and brought in a little over 400 members in a week, which was fantastic and proof that my launch strategy was effective (I’ve gone on to attract over 2,000 members across my two membership sites, so I know my launch strategy works).Yes you do need to be good at marketing your site in order to fill it with members, but that’s only half the equation.It’s equally important to learn how to KEEP your members in your site.I agree with what people say about membership sites, even if they make statements without having the experience of running one.

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