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Either way the only options are to keep trying or give up on them and try other avenues to meet females.

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I imagine a lot of the 'nerdy' girls won't show up on that since it's essentially a picture rating app.

I don't show off my bitterness to randoms if that's what you think, also I use OKCUPID too.

Absolutely no replies, just lots of time wasting messages to people who don't even bother to look at your profile before ignoring you.

I am extremely bitter by the way, at this point I am convinced I will have to deal with this for my entire life, I was born to a generation of little girls. I wouldn't be surprised if your bitterness and resentment comes through in your profile and messages.

Girls literally only go after guys with; giant abs, six figure pay checks, and a face made from the skin cells of tom brady, taylor lautner, and jesus himself.

As a result lots of us guys(who don't message 10/10 models by the way, nor girls who are rich as hell) get no luck or replies when we message anyone.

I am sure his beard is more majestic than this taylor lautner, tom bradys and jesus's combined however. I actually did read somewhere, that having a beard increases your chances of getting dates, because while less women like beards, even less guys have beards, so the ratio works in favor of those guys with beards.

I also met my partner through online dating and have a beard (a proper majestic beard)... Every 'success story' I've heard from online daters, especially almost ALL the one's here, is from people who already knew what they were looking for - they had an idea of what traits and types of people they were interested in and weren't, and decided to 'screen-out' and narrow it down to the few people they felt they would be compatible with (and, after a date or three, were successful in their prediction that they were only choosing to date people from the website they knew they'd have a chemistry with).

Do you really think you're the first person to start a thread on a forum saying how bad internet dating is for guys?

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