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As I don't live in the UK they are not ordinary for me.Actually, I don't think he's a twit at all....'However, before discovering Sapphic contentment, Jane stepped out some years ago with Strictly Come Dancing winner Chris Hollins.

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One girlfriend thought she was an uptight prima donna especially keeping her work schedule - in like ‘me, me me’, selfish and always puts herself first and takes her job way too seriously – it’s not a cure for cancer pet!

And she wears the same clothes on the programme because the BBC is skint and she is not ‘big enough’ to have a wardrobe allowance.

I know the coot has had a health scare, and I know I should feel bad for typing this but for fucks sake!

Honestly who the fuck would want to get naked with Clare fugly Balding?!?!?! I would rather streak through the centre of town on a saturday afternoon.

However, Sandi Toksvig was Alice Arnolds previous and she's only missing a scrotum to qualify as male and, therefore, Alice must be fem which means Clare is butch top. Keeping to topic, I'd say Jane Hill is very vanilla, mainly bottom.

I'd give her one and have noticed she has small hands so she'd be good at giving a fisting. [quote]Personally, I think she could do better, but heard she had a few rotten experiences. She did go out with that twit Chris Hollins (bloke) for eons! I don't know about them, kind or mean, but Jane does her job very impressively. Oh, so I see Jane Hill 'n' friends regularly patrol these here boards! Being negative and sneering down your hooter in a very condescending way towards everything and anything you think you're better than is not my idea of a 'sense of humour'. Do I actually think she's ever had sex or an intimate relationship with another woman who's not related to her? Perhaps she's asexual which is fine with me - I know a few and they're a pleasure to be around (they don't come onto you!

Ah, Chris Hollins, he of the "very serious girlfriend? Sorry to break the bad news but I have gone right off Jane Hill. Her girlfriend is flabby, saggy and tired looking with very thin lank hair. Come off it - 'I don't get Jane's sense of humour'... As for her loser girlfriend having a 'bad hair day', again, FUCK OFF already! Honestly, those two are a joke, and in my opinion set a very bad example for young lesbians everywhere. ) The asexuals I know are rich, independent, powerful and introverted roughly 50% of the time.

If you read her tweets she's boring and comes across like she's got a hot iron stuck up her ass. All she did leading up to the BAFTAS was slag off Black Swan. With my new eyes Jane Hill looks very sad indeed and henceforth my masturbation fantasy she is no more! Jane Hill tweets like your granny and her girlfriend 'nooshound' tweets like a 15 year old. One can only imagine it's the dog that keeps the two of them together. La Scott is very touchy about being identified as 'lesbian' or gay, she got the right hump with the BBC a little while back. They seem to enjoy their own company and tell me they don't need constant external approval to let them know they're an 'okay' person, ditto the sex. Her neck is looking very stringy and turkey-like and her jowls are sagging - not to mention her eye bags.

Also, sometimes those in the public eye only "date" the opposite sex for their public persona and it's a fake relationship, while those who really know them know what is going on.

Most of us who identify as lesbian are NOT gold star lesbians. Perhaps maybe some of the younger lesbians nowadays are, but most lesbians I know that are late 20s, thirties, forties or older dated men when they were closeted. In fact, it's been my experience that there are more closeted lesbians than you may think.

I somehow have a feeling that she is a little butchier 'in real life'.[quote]She did go out with that twit Chris Hollins (bloke) for eons! He had to get his mother to tell the papers he was straight.

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