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It’s seen as bad form to turn up to a date in shorts and flip-flops (unless, of course, your date is a fellow traveller or is super-relaxed), and people tend to respond better to people who have made an effort.

You don’t need to pack your tux, but make sure a decent pair of jeans and a shirt find their way into your backpack (and that they get washed regularly).

The best dating connections aren’t usually made at 2am on a dark dance floor, but in a more laid-back, sociable context.

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So, by all means, get yourself a Tinder account before you travel, but understand how it’s used.

Dressing down isn’t really a thing in most South American countries, and dating is no exception to this rule.

These are small ethnic sections of a city most likely with have businesses that reflect the Italian culture such restaurants, markets, churches and pubs thus making them a popular spot to meet, chat or mingle with other Italian Americans.

If you are a single individual and you would to meet Italian singles for friendship or a long term relationship then you are best served if you live in or near one of the above cities but if you do not you can still have success connecting with those of the Italian culture.

Yes, you’re trying to pack light, and only have a few T-shirts and trousers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do laundry regularly.

Also, try and resist the temptation to lapse into an easy diet of street burgers and fatty foods.The reason is Italian Americans can be found all over the Singles Italian women and men are all around this great country. You will find that some are college educated while others have minimal education.Such factors as those do not define Italian Americans what does define them is their love of family, religious faith, love of food and their passion for life.How can you expect someone to date you if you aren’t even bothering to take care of yourself when you’re travelling?Every single country you’ll visit has a distinct dating culture, and while this can be hard to grasp initially, it’s worth taking some time to understand what that culture is before you visit.Treat your date with respect and don’t just assume that your foreigner status affords you special privileges.

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