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The first season of My Name Is Earl, an American television series created by Greg Garcia, that aired its pilot episode on September 20, 2005 at p.m., ET/PT, on NBC, a U. The show is broadcast in English, however in other countries it will be in other languages, there are also English subtitles.

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Ingenious surgeons have helped save a Brazilian man’s hand from being amputated by putting it inside a 'pocket' in his belly.

Doctors decided to bury Carlos Mariotti’s left hand inside his abdomen and cover it with a flap of protective skin, after the machine production operator suffered a horrific work accident that ripped off all the skin on his hand.

The 42-year-old who lives in Orleans in the south of Brazil, must now keep his damaged hand inside the soft tissue pouch for six weeks.

Orthopaedic and traumatology doctor, Boris Brandao, who performed the rare operation, explained: “(Mr Marriott) suffered a de-gloving injury which left him with very little skin on the palm and back of his hand, exposing the bones and tendons inside.

While Earl and Randy were in high school, Earl fixed a school football game to win a bet with a store owner, but realizes that he forced Randy to give up a touchdown that he would've gotten.

Earl sends Randy back to high school to get his touchdown back, but finds out that Joy had his car impounded since he refused to give her any of his lotto money.

His "scratch-and-win" lottery ticket proves to be worth 0,000, but he is immediately hit by a car and watches the ticket blow away.

While Earl recovers in hospital, his wife Joy (Jaime Pressly) divorces him, but Earl is introduced to the concept of karma while watching an interview with singer Trace Adkins on Last Call with Carson Daly.

Meanwhile Earl and Randy meet Catalina (Nadine Velazquez), the motel's beautiful maid, and Randy finds that he has feelings for her.

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