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"They were dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests," an onlooker told the star, Schnabel — who represents several renowned New York artists — reportedly romanced supermodel Elle Macpherson and actress Liv Tyler.It's been a while since we announced the DVD release of The 5th Wheel - Naked Dating Volumes 1 & 2, which is due out on October 12th.

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Now we finally have some details and cover art to go along with it!

Two VHS volumes of the show are combined into this DVD release that goes for $27.98 SRP.

I come at the question from a marketing and sales standpoint, and from my perspective on the front lines of helping artists sell their work, I have only seen the dating of work as a negative.

This process can sometimes take months, or even years.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with the artwork, it simply takes time to align the art with the right individual who will be willing and able to make the purchase.

If the work of art includes the creation date we risk prejudicing the potential buyer against the work unnecessarily.I would argue that it’s not that we’re trying to hide something from potential buyers, but rather that we simply don’t emphasize the age of the work by including the date.If there is no date on the work, in the vast majority of cases, the issue never arises. Sometimes the work is shown in the wrong venue, sometimes the market itself is slow (as over the last several years) and sometimes it’s just poor luck. In a nutshell, here is the problem: It is often the case that a particular work of art will enter the art market and not sell immediately.I am not speaking hypothetically – I have seen this happen on numerous occasions over my 19 years in the art business and my experience has lead me to discourage artists from including the date on their work or in their portfolios for this reason.

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