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This has increased the cost of electricity production per unit, while the cost of electricity sold to the public continues to be subsidized.

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For example, the savings made in energy efficiency of products often leads to buying further technology that consumes more resources.

A key point in the sustainability debate that perhaps has not been emphasized enough till now is that individual behavior also needs to be guided by a sustainability thought-process, before one can hope for sustainability to be effective at the societal, country or even global level.

He discusses we have now reached the stage where the gap is no longer increasing.

A multi-stakeholder approach has been pointed out by both research and practical experience as the most beneficial in creating long-lasting solutions.

Whilst most literature related to sustainability focuses on the roles of different stakeholders as collective groups of people, this book looks at sustainability at an individual level and how an individual’s choice can breed sustainable change.

Coleman’s use of current examples and simple diagrams to reinforce key concepts makes it easy for the reader to visualize the role of personal accountability.

At present, the part of the society that is making the greatest impact on the environment, is the one that has information at its fingertips.

In terms of raising global awareness, the internet is a powerful tool that makes news travel fast – and news of global disasters like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Fukushima nuclear plant incident have made society much more concerned about such issues, and the real possibility of such serious disasters happening in their own backyards.

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