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The album went largely unnoticed by the public, being a commercial disappointment, it failed to chart anywhere, which marked the beginning of a downturn in O'Neal's fortunes on the album charts.

When the gap-toothed ex-Giant suspected his longtime girlfriend of cheating, he put a tracking device in her car – and went ballistic when she found it, sources told The Post.

But in her e-mails, Murphy wrote she was reluctant to split with Strahan because he'd grown close to her kids.

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It’s the second time Strahan, who now lives in California, used the Big Brother tactic on gal pal Nicole Murphy, the ex-wife of comedian Eddie Murphy, a source said.

But Strahan has been playing amateur snoop for years.

Introduced by a mutual pal, Murphy had been “hiding” her affection for Spencer from Strahan “for almost a year,” the sources said.

Using the excuse of “business trips,” a source said, Spencer and Murphy would jet off to exotic getaways in the Caribbean and Mexico.

They regularly turn up together at red carpet events, and her five kids with Eddie are said to be fond of the NFL commentator.

But Murphy was also involved in a relationship with Universal Records A&R exec Demetrius Spencer.

Mechanics quickly discovered the tracking apparatus. “This is the second tracking device he’s had put in her car,” one source said.

“This one was found behind the front dashboard.” Murphy and Spencer went to have lunch while the tracer – which one source said provided up-to-the-minute location status – was removed.

Nicole Murphy, a model, and Strahan have been an item since early 2007.

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