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WATCH: Kristen Stewart Opens Up About Her Love Life -- 'I'm Not Ashamed and I'm Not Confused'"I think it takes a minute to sort of acclimate to communicating with so many people at one time, with like, 'the masses,' you know," Stewart tells ET's Lauren Zima. for me to have so many pathways open -- it ends up kind of not allowing people to misconstrue you.""I know people love to say, 'Oh, she doesn't give a...' like, no, I totally do, man! "So yeah, I think I just feel a little bit more uninhibited or something."Stewart also shared her favorite quality about herself.

"I think I'm a really hard worker," Stewart, who's currently promoting three different movies -- WATCH: Kristen Stewart on Where Robert Pattinson Romance Went Wrong: 'Our Relationship Was Made Into a Product'Stewart's reported new girlfriend, musician St.

Nikki’s the most down-to-earth actress you’ll ever meet.

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After Thirteen's success, Reed returned to Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles, but dropped out again after a year.

She said that "mothers who were sneaking into the school at lunchtime to confront and harass her about the film" were the reason for her departure.

which is fronted by her Twilight co-star, Jackson Rathbone.

Reed met Paul Mc Donald, a singer-songwriter and former American Idol contestant, on the red carpet at the premiere of Red Riding Hood in March 2011.

She had thought at the time they were not right for her, but had since gained valuable experience in them.

She had a lead role in Mini's First Time, which received a limited release in the United States on July 14, 2006.invited her to work on a script with her, when Reed said she was interested in acting.They finished the script for the semi-autobiographical film Thirteen in six days.She said she had enjoyed playing someone who she describes as "crass" and having a "trucker's mouth".On February 12, 2008, it was announced that Reed would portray Rosalie Hale in the film adaption of Twilight, the first book of a popular four-novel series.She became known in 2003, after the release of the film Thirteen, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, for which she was credited with Hardwicke as a co-writer of the screenplay, and in which she played a lead role.

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