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A white girl I’m seeing now recently told me that if I were to meet her parents they’d love me and have no problem with our relationship.She said they’d give us their blessing and be perfectly okay with us to which I responded: “Of course they don’t have a problem with me being black, you’re past the wall.” She responded with a chuckle and said “Man, you’re harsh! Because right after that she told me that if we were dating in high school it would be a different story.White fathers and black mothers are almost always the most vehement dissenters when their white daughters date their black sons. Why is it that white mothers and black fathers stay comparatively silent while their spouses raise hell about it?

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Women, regardless of race, are the most sexually valuable during their fertile years…between 18 and 26 years old, give or take.

My girl and her father knows she’s not nearly as valuable as she was 15 to 20 years ago so he’s not as protective of her as he once was.

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I support rules against professors having sexual relationships with their professors, because it’s all too easy for the power dynamic in that situation to be abused.

I’m surprised there aren’t stricter rules about them already!

When the relationship turned sour things also turned ugly and left a negative impact on these girls' lives.

I don't want my sister to make the same mistakes as these girls did.

Hi all How do I discourage my 15 year old sister from dating?

I have asked her if she was together with a guy and she denied it.

She was pretty, very smart, and loved her some Donovan.

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