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But, some kinds of relationships seem to get messier than others.

Text things like “Wanna go to this concert next month?

” or “Are you free for this [MOVIE] coming out in [LENGTH OF TIME]?

Simply put, you can just express what you feel, leave caution to the wind, and hope that your partner feels the same way.

After all, you can never know what would happen if you don’t give it your best shot.

While this seems juvenile and a tad mean, it may actually make your partner realize how irresistible you are and that he or she actually misses you when you’re being unavailable.

If you get no response, then sadly, exclusivity may be a way away. This may make you feel nervous, but trust your instincts and enjoy the butterflies you get from this moment.Many feel that they’d prefer going with the flow, and they don’t want to seem like they can’t live in the moment. Many people go through relationships never having to have that elusive first “where’s this going? Most relationships happen with a natural progression of things, where eventually one of you asks the other one out and everything is then out in the open. Still, if you feel the need to bring it up, make sure you’ve spent an appropriate amount of time together before you start bombarding your partner with questions about exclusivity, your future, and where this is all going.[Read: 10 cardinal rules of being in a casual relationship] How to approach the subject of being exclusive For those who can hardly wait to know if their new crush is returning those mutually exclusive feelings, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind about bringing up this tantalizing topic. That being said, if you are already sleeping together, then you deserve to know right off the bat if they’re sleeping with anybody else.” Questions like this will let you know if your partner is down to still be with you in a week, a month or even a year.A less cute way to go about this would be to blow hot and cold by being all over your partner one minute, and then acting all aloof in the next.For example, were the two of you friends before you started dating, or was this a random encounter that turned into an “ask-out?

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