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FINALLY, make your first step to being with that dream girl who is intelligent, nurturing, feminine that you know deep down that you Firstly, I don’t identify myself as a pick up artist or the PUA community.Just like how I wanted to get good with girls, I want my clients to become their most desirable selves, attracting, meeting and dating quality girls that liked them for who they are, and Furthermore, PUA tactics are only found to work on low self esteem girls.Now, think again, what’s the cost of not getting this girls thing handled? You aren’t satisfied with the way things are going in your life. You can keep making uneducated guesses about dating and relationships, reading up on cheesy dating advice, using slimy pick up artist techniques… You can continue splashing money on tables at the club JUST to get girls to sit in at your table.

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If she becomes attracted to you, there’s nothing she can do- no amount of pressure from friends, family and her trying to convince herself that this is not the right guy will help.

The higher the attraction the less sense it makes that this woman would let this guy do certain things to her- he can destroy her life and she is still going to be attracted to him. When two people meet they meet each other ‘s personas.

Perhaps you tell yourself you don’t have time to get into this.

Cause you’re too busy at work, too busy travelling the world, too busy pursuing that hobby, curing cancer, taking care of your pet dog and the many excuses you’ve told yourself for years. You can also make your own mistakes, wasting precious time and effort, that can be spent… You can also choose to use your achievements to For all the years of hard work, that went into your studies, your career and etc.

Warning: You might end up with coaches that can’t even approach a girl… You could also go to the clubs by yourself, read all the pick up artist material by yourself. You spend countless more hours hitting the gym for, years and years working in joke you don’t like, jut to buy that condo, splashing cash to get that fancy car, being in credit card debt… You know you’ll need to get this area of your life sorted out, even if your other areas of your life is sorted out, you’ll feel incomplete without this skillset.

You may even be thinking to yourself, you feel disappointed for yourself for not doing more, earlier on in your earlier days in school or University. make your first step to getting your dream girl to be appreciate you for who you are, your weakness and your strengths.

I know what I should be doing but I’m just not doing it- we think we know what we’re suppose to do, but it closes us up and we fail to see what we really should be doing.

It’s about attracting a mature amazing woman and then keeping her.

Parents, religion and society build up our personas and leaves out our primal level, which we need to attract women that we want.

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